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Can you weld in space?

Can you weld in space?

Weld in space looks like it’s dangerous for cosmonauts to do when traveling in space ,as you know, there is not enough oxygen in space. Sometimes cosmonauts need to repair spacecraft in space. Welds are the only option for repair. Welds need oxygen to melt material on earth. In space, the metal does not need to be heat to melt. Space welds differ from those on our Earth. 

If you want to know more about whether you can weld in space? Keep reading this it will help you to learn about cold welds in space.

How does cold welding work?

Cold weld or contact weld is a process in which the lattices of atoms of metal objects start connecting when the oxygen layer is isolate. It only takes place in a vacuum. Cold weld is a solid-state weld process. Essentially, if two metals with similar characteristics come close to each other with no air between them, they join. The joining of two metals is called a cold weld.

When joining two metals, both must be smooth and identical. Gold and copper could not connect because of their different metal structures.

Cold welding occurs on earth by removing air. By adding alignment and friction, bonding becomes easier.

The first cosmonaut who welds in space

Cold Weld was first discovered in 1940 when two alike, flat and smooth metal surfaces become strongly adhesive when there is no air.

And after a while, it was recognized by two cosmonauts name Valeri Kubasov and Georgi Shonin in 1969. Both were inexperienced at welding and had to experiment with a remote control welding tool. Outer Space welds are required when space exploration heats up. So, they took the risk of welding in outer space.

Metal behavior in space

Metals are strongly attracted to each other if there is no oxidizing layer between them, as stated above. It’s because our space is so cool, so welding is also cold. We couldn’t tig weld in space. Metals behave differently in space. Welding metals do not require a vacuum or air between two metals.

An oxidized layer on your tools prevents tools from welding to the space station, so we must use tools with this layer on them. If you are trying to remove the oxide layer, you know that sticking happens. Using different types of metal allows you to retain the necessary tools in space. If it is possible, coat your weld with plastic or ceramic.

Why is welding metal in space so difficult?

The difficulty of welding metal in space depends upon three factors.

No atmosphere: 

This means there is no air in the atmosphere to do welding in space. It is necessary to use specific tools to weld in space.

 Zero Gravity: 

Gravity also complicates welding. Gravity helps to position metal in one place. In space, it is hard to position welded metal in one place, which requires particular fixtures and tools. Space temperatures can cause the metal to expand and contract, making welding more difficult.

Innovative weld techniques of NASA

Currently, NASA uses more innovative techniques for space travelers that help them fix problems during their journey into space.

NASA invented the handheld laser to weld in small, tight spaces. It is a reliable tool because of its correctness, capability, and design. It is made for shuttle engines and can help repair them.

Advantages of welding in space

Create a no-heat-affected zone.

To join two pieces of metal with heat, we must melt them. That creates a heat-affected zone. It happens through high-temperature exploration. But cold welding does not create any heat-affected zone.

Strong bonds

Cold welding creates strong bonds that will stay in space. Don’t create any weak bonds, and the weld is clean too. The better bonding between opposite metals. Aluminum and copper can benefit from cold welding, allowing contrasting metals to bond.

If you follow these steps, you can easily do a space weld

Surface clean: Keeping the surface clean is essential before welding. Connecting metals requires it.

The position: Keep the metals in one position, so they are flush with each other. Again, Connecting metals requires it.

Cold weld machine: After that, a cold welding machine use to make an electrical connection. It will allow current to flow between two metal pieces and make a weld. The cold welding machine will supply the current to two parts. It will heat the metal pieces and join at the end. Once the weld is complete, turn off the welding machine and cool down the metal pieces.

Can we prevent unwanted welds in space? 

It is impossible to weld in space by accident, but the appropriate environment is need. To avoid unwanted fusion, we have to find ways of preventing it. Metals can weld in space if they are free of oxide, dirt, or anything else. We must avoid cold welding and design a coating that cosmonauts can easily clean before the procedure of cold welding. Lower moving parts are essential for prevention. These are those surfaces that have to face triboelectric wear and environmental exploration.


It is common to use welds in space throughout the world. Many cosmonauts continue to explore the universe. The cold welding method in space will also likely to be use for search operations. Cold Weld is possible on our planet and in space. Some methods are quite different from each other. After some time, different types of research will come. We will continue to keep you informed by writing about it. 


Can you cold weld in space?

Yes! You can weld in space. When two metals with the same characteristics touch together, they are permanently stuck with each other. And this process is called cold welding.

Can you tig weld in space?

The most common metal used in spacecraft construction is aluminum, making TIG welding the preferred method for repairing parts. However, zero gravity would make TIG welding tricky due to the skill set and precision required.

Can you weld in outer space?

Welding in outer space is possible through the process of the cold weld. In space, there is no heat required. Cold weld happens in Vaccum.

Can you weld lines in the circuit design space?

Yes, you can use Weld-on text layers – both editable text layers and text ungrouped to letters. Drag the text layer, so it overlaps another layer. Select both layers and click weld.

Can you weld metal in space?

Yes! You can weld metals in space. When two metals with the same characteristics metals touch in same, they are forever stuck with each other. And this process is called cold welding.



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Can you weld in space?

Can you weld in space?

Weld in space looks like it’s dangerous for cosmonauts to do when traveling in space ,as you know, there is not enough oxygen in space.