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can you use a welder for fractal burning

Can you use a welder for fractal burning?

“Can you use a welder for fractal burning? is a commonly asked question. You are here for the same reason. According to this question, people cannot find their answer to the answer we discuss in this article. The short detail is You cannot use a welder for fractal wood burning (Expert Recommendation). It is possible if you have suitable tools and the proper knowledge in rare cases.

Fractal wood burning is also known as Lichtenberg wood burning. Welding and fractal wood-burning processes are both different. Fractal wood-burning needs High Voltages and low AMPs. And welding requires Low voltages and high AMPs. This article discusses the fractal wood-burning process and whether this is safe. And a complete method to use an arc welder for fractal wood burning.

What is Fractal Wood Burning or Lichtenberg wood burning?

Fractal wood-burning is a technique that uses high voltages and low AMPs. A YouTuber, Ann Reardon, explained this:

The issue is that some peoples are attempting to rig up their fractal wood burners with microwave transformers, and that’s dangerous.

It is used to make beautiful patterns on the wood that look like lightning or tree bark. The process is easy, but it is very risky. It involves sending high-voltage electricity through wood treated with chemicals so that the electricity will burn in the patterns.

Is Fractal Wood Burning Dangerous?

Fractal Wood Burning is a risky process due to the use of high voltages of electricity and chemicals. If you are working on it, you need to know about all tools and knowledge about this. Otherwise, it may cause your death. You need complete attention when you’re doing this work. Otherwise, you may face problems or maybe the cause of your death. This activity has been responsible for the deaths of many people. If you are starting, you must take the time to study everything thoroughly first.

What is arc welding?

The technique in which the fusion welding process is used to join metals is also known as Arc welding. It has wide applications and is employed in many different fields. Arc welding is used in aerospace for joining plates and other precision operations, manufacturing, and maintaining aircraft. Arc welding is often used to permanently join exhaust systems and hydraulic lines in the car sector.

Is Fractal Wood Burning with a welder possible at home?

As we discussed earlier, Fractal Burning with a welder is impossible due to this technique’s use of high Voltage and low AMPs. So, using the welder for fractal wood burning is impossible.

But we discussed that it might be possible in rare cases. We can do fractal wood burning at home with a proper method. Using some design thinking, a piece of plain wood may be transformed into a dynamic work of art. Trees and fractal patterns make this piece look like a Chinese or Japanese painting.

How to do Fractual burning welding at home?

Make your wood-burning device using a microwave transformer or oil burner ignition coil. Whatever the situation, a microwave transformer can provide around 2000 volts at 0.5 watts. There is a strong, rapid, and intense burning sensation.

The wood has to be quite damp. You will receive 15,000 to 20,000 volts at approximately a third of an amp or less from the ignition coil. The burn is more detailed. Thus, it is slower and less intense.

Using wood that has been kept damp is recommended. Avoid rearranging active contacts by dragging and dropping handles. Nail a short nail into the board and use it to attach a clamp. Just relax and turn it on. Disconnect everything from the power before turning it off and moving it.

Deadman switches, which must be stepped on to activate, are required. If you step away from it, get shocked, and fall, at least you’ll be able to cut the power to yourself.

Always use caution while relying on circuit breakers. Energy is shielded from the source in a transformer or coil. Therefore, the circuit breaker will not trip in the event of a short, perhaps saving your life. It’s a lot of fun, but don’t do anything silly. If you need help understanding electricity, ask someone who does. In addition, the stakes are high since your life may be in danger if you make a mistake.

Can an arc welder be used for fractal burning?

The quick answer is yes. A beautiful fractal design may be burnt into the wood by filling the piece with soot and then wiping it away.

Using an electrical current, the arc welder joins two pieces of metal that are magnetically attracted to one another (the weld). Along with the plasma gas, this process also generates heat. It’s not the arc that causes burning but the heat it generates.

If you have access to a stick welder, you may use it instead. Stick welders and arc welders serve comparative purposes, although the former are often bulkier and more difficult to transport.

Also, they need preparation before being used on wood, so you may acquire an arc welder unless you can afford it or need somewhere convenient to keep such a massive piece of equipment (e.g., apartment living).


“Can you use a welder for fractal burning” or “Can I use an arc welder for fractal wood burning” is a commonly asked questions. Fractal wood burning is a dangerous process due to High Voltage, and experts cannot recommend fractal wood Burning with arc welders or welders. In rare cases, we discuss early how to use an arc welder for the fractal burning process. And how it is possible to read this article to solve your problem briefly.


Can an arc welder be used for fractal burning?

Fractal burning is also known as Lichtenberg wood burning. It is a hazardous process due to high voltage and low AMPs. While in welding, we use low voltage and high AMPs. An arc welder cannot be used for fractal burning (experts recommended). But in rare, we can use an arc welder for fractal burning with the proper tools and knowledge. Otherwise, it is a risky process that may cause your death, and many people die for this reason. So, we can make a beautiful fractal design that may be burnt into the wood by filling the piece with soot and then wiping it away.

Can you use a welder for fractal wood burning?

Fractal wood burning is a dangerous technique due to the use of high voltage. Our expert recommends using a welder for fractal burning because it is also known as a life-giving process. If you make a single mistake, that can cause your death. So if you also want to use a fractal burning welder, you need proper tools and knowledge. We discussed this earlier. You can use a welder for fractal wood burning at home. But we have advice for you don’t do this if you are not an expert. That may risk your life. If you also want this so, read this article carefully and be alert when you’re doing this.

Is Fractal wood burning dangerous?

Yes, Fractal wood burning is a dangerous technique due to the use of high voltage. And has caused certain death in recent days. The American Association of Woodturners (AAW) has decided to prohibit fractal wood burning at any of its events to prevent potential safety hazards.



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